Developer FAQ

What is the difference between email registration and Web3 wallet registration?

For users who register with their email, NFTScan will give 1,000,000 CU as a gift, which is valid for 15 days. For users who register with their Web3 wallet, they can also connect their email to receive gift CU. If they do not connect their email, no free CU will be sent.

Why did my CU expire?

For new users who register with their email, NFTScan will give 1,000,000 CU as a gift, with a 15-day validity period. Therefore, the free CU given in this circumstance may expire and become unusable.

How many CU can I buy with 1 USD?

You can buy 1,000,000 CU with 1 USD. NFTScan developer platform supports a minimum purchase of 19 USD worth of CU, with no maximum limit. The CU purchased by users will never expire and can be used permanently.

What crypto assets are supported for payment when purchasing CU?

Currently, USDT payments on Ethereum, BNBChain, and Polygon networks are supported.

What should I do if I have purchased but the funds have not been credited?

Please submit your issue in the NFTScan Discord channel:

What is the pricing of CU for each NFT API?

Please refer to the document: Compute Unit Costs

How can I obtain the invoice after purchasing CU?

You can obtain recharge records and download invoice in the "Recharge record" menu.

Who should I contact if I need customized API services?

Please contact via telegram:

Where can I consult if I come across a technical issue?

Please join our Discord:

Which blockchain networks does NFTScan plan to support next?

NFTScan plans to support TON, zkSync, StarkNet, Sui, and Scroll.